US Premiere Ariel by Marina Carr Wilde Irish Productions "The scenes between Hamm and Rica Anderson's magnetic Frances ... are electric with hate, feral eroticism and savage intensity." San Francisco Chronicle "Abounding with superb acting, intense action, and more dark secrets and corruption than folks will ever find these days in Hollywood or corporate America ..." The Daily Californian "... Ariel is a U.S. premiere coup for Wilde Irish Productions, a welcome introduction to a formidable dramatic talent and her reimagined myth of dark and unsettling power." Contra Costa Times
Photo by Adam Liberman
Ariel is a fiercely theatrical re-imagining of Iphigenia, which transports the Greek myth of family revenge-cycles into modern day Ireland. Marina Carr is a world renowned, cutting edge dramatist, steeped in the mythology of both Ancient Greece and her native Ireland, a fierce and courageous voice in the landscape of a rapidly changing culture.