SF Bay Area Premiere Eclipsed by Patricia Burke Brogan Wilde Irish Productions “Eclipsed ... is one of those rare theatrical experiences so profoundly moving that some scenes will tear your heart out.” “The power of Wilde Irish’s production is due to the confluence of Gemma Whelan’s sure-handed direction and a top-notch cast ...” Contra Costa Times “... Gemma Whelan’s sharp direction and admirable ensemble acting mark Wilde Irish Productions’ engaging Bay Area premiere.” SF Bay Guardian “... cada una de estas actrices es brillante, emocional e impactante. Hacen sentir en carne viva sus desesperación, su pena, transmiten amor y alegría, a pesar de las condiciones en que viven. La dirección de Gemma Whelan es realista y presta mucho detalle a lo mínimo, los movimientos, el texto, la transmisión del pensamiento del texto original.” SF Tribune
The head nun grabs the hair of one of the Magdalene women, while two other women in the foreground fold laundry. Photo by Adam Liberman.Photo by Adam Liberman
A harrowing play about the Magdalenes, the women who were confined to the “penitent women’s laundries” in Ireland from the 1850’s to the 1990’s.
Author Patricia Burke Brogan was the first to bring to light the story of the women who were incarcerated in the Magdalene laundries in Ireland. After the potato famine of the 1840’s, the church, in conjunction with the state, set up these facilities to house and care for “fallen” women. The power of the Catholic Church was so strong that parents, consumed with shame, sent their daughters away, ostensibly for the good of their souls.