Endgame by Samuel Becket Wilde Irish Productions “The knockout production of Samuel Beckett’s modern classic ...” “It’s a tremendous play, and this is one terrific production.” Berkeley Daily Planet “Endgame...receives a riveting interpretation by a brilliant cast and Gemma Whelan’s flawless direction ...” West County Times “Esta fantástica pieza teatral, tal vez la mejor de Beckett, es dirigida excepcionalmente por la directora Gemma Whelan ...” “El grupo de actores es perfecto para la ocasión, al parecer ellos han salido del libro directamente al escenario.” San Francisco Tribune
Samuel Beckett’s Endgame is a poetic exploration of the nature of the human condition. In this bleak universe, all is distilled down to the barest of essentials; the meaning conveyed in shimmering silences, the musicality of the speech and in the answering echoes of heartbreak and longing and loss.
Nagg and Nell in trash cans, with Hamm in background. Photo by Adam Liberman
Clov holds an alarm clock up to Hamm's ear. Photo by Adam Liberman