St Nicholas by Conor McPherson corrib theatre "The terrific but too-seldom-seen Portland actor Ted Roisum carves marvelous psychological contours into the already fascinating twists and turns of McPherson’s monologue, which zips along on the rails between stark realism and dark fantasy." The Oregonian "... it’s the one-man script and Ted Roisum’s stirring performance that cast the real spell, creating an impeccable theatrical reflection on what it means to be human." Willamette Week "St. Nicholas is hilarious, in a dark way." Portland Monthly
Photo by Win Goodbody
A jaded Irish theater critic falls hopelessly in love with a young actress and follows her to London. He is drawn into a world of vampires, with a difference, and finally comes face to face with his own debasement. It is a witty Irish tale, leading us finally to a place of hope.