World Premiere Valia by Lois Silverstein Brava! for Women in the Arts “Remarkable emotional force, complexity, and coherence. Valia’s persecptive on war—grizzly, relentless, sad, spirited, spiritual, humorous—are true and memorable.” Maylie Scott; Zen Priest “A humorous, anguished, wry, visionary, tragic, and heroic portrayal set against the sweep of historical events—shattering personal loss with a denouement (of) surprising sweetness and strength.” AGADA Magazine “Gemma took charge with ease, brought her insightful directing skills into every rehearsal, every conference, every one-on-one discussion. Her talents and her vitality helped bring the full production to fruition in both a lively and introspective way. I loved working with her as performer and playwright. I couldn’t ask for anyone more supportive and skillful to help me birth a show that helped me grow and brought satisfaction to the varied audiences.” Lois Silverstein, Ph.D.; Performer and playwright, Valia
The moving tale of a woman freedom fighter and the fall of Danzig, Poland, on the eve of World War II. A vision of magic, dream, and faith overcoming overwhelming odds.