Gemma Whelan


  • “…a natural born storyteller with a brilliant eye for character…”

    Peter Sheridan, 47 Roses, Every Inch of Her, 44: Dublin Made Me

  • “Gemma Whelan has a way with pictures, using taut, precise words as her canvas.”

    Peter G Quinn, small things

  • “…from life and from the stage, she knows drama: She gets the simultaneous thrill and catch-in-the-throat nervousness of landing in a place you’ve never been, on your own in a strange city or strange country, with no plan of action but to feel its presence, start moving, and go from there.”

    Bob Hicks, Oregon Arts Watch


  • “Artistically versatile, perceptive, and highly disciplined, Gemma Whelan is a gifted director whose flexible approach to directing is rooted in deep respect for the actors, designers, and producers with whom she collaborates.”

    Sue Daly, Sunsaura

  • “…a cast feels steady in Gemma’s presence; her leadership skills are so lovely that way, for there is an alert and inquisitive quality to the process that is calming at the same time.”

    Randall Stuart, Artistic Director, Upon These Boards

  • “…a director of talent and distinction.”

    John Fisher, Artistic Director, Theater Rhinoceros, San Francisco



  • “A superlative instructor, a student advocate, and a disciplined leader, Ms. Whelan embodies the essential qualities of the modern, cutting-edge, Theatre Arts instructor.”

    Sterling Warner, Professor, Evergreen Valley College

  • “…excellent interpersonal, organizational and supervisory skills…and impressive abilities in program development…” “She is unique. Working with her is enriching and inspiring.”

    Nina Hersch Gabelko, Director, Academic Talent Development Program, UC Berkeley