Gemma Whelan

Last Summer at Bluefish Cove

by Jane Chambers

Theatre Rhinoceros

Aug, 1989


  • “Director Gemma Whelan displays an excellent sense of pacing, underplay, detail, subtlety and subtext in this production. The ensemble of actors convey the camaraderie of the characters through unspoken moments and effective staging.”

    Bay Area Reporter

  • “Gemma Whelan’s superbly cast production...a must-see, powerfully affirming experience.”

    San Francisco Bay Guardian, Critic’s Choice

  • “...a resounding hit.” “...sparkles with wit, common sense, understanding, and reflects a genuinely compassionate look at inter-relationships.”

    San Francisco Bay Times


A straight woman Eva leaves her husband to spend some quiet time by herself, and unwittingly and naively wanders into the midst of a group of seven lesbians on their annual vacation at Bluefish Cove. Eva falls in love with the charming Lil, who, unknown to her, is dying of cancer. The play is both funny and sad, and deals with the universal search for love, commitment, and the desire to leave behind a legacy.



Susan Gwin Allen / SUE
Jane Angeles / EVA
Alice Barden / RAE
Michele Casau / RITA
Carolyn Cox / ANNIE
Sharon McDonald / Kitty
Megan Blue Stermer / DONNA
Lara Wheless / LIL


Gemma Whelan / DIRECTOR
Cynthia Lemyre / COSTUME DESIGN
Stephanie Johnson / LIGHTING DESIGN
Elena Lyerly / SOUND DESIGN
Kerry Coleman / STAGE MANAGER