Gemma Whelan

Our Town Spermbank

by John Angell Grant and Elizabeth Murphy

Climate Theatre

Aug – Sept, 1987

World Premiere


  • “Gemma Whelan’s production zips through the first half and builds to a wild and giddy finale.”

    San Francisco Examiner

  • “Working with the gem who is Gemma is like taking a master class in acting, with the mounted production as an added perk.”

    Sharon McDonald, cast member


What happens when the government starts executing low I.Q. children? This play takes an amusing look at a group of activists trying to address political and ethical problems caused by genetic engineering.


Photos © 1987 Adam Liberman


Bonnie Eisenberg / TANYA
Lee Ann Fuji / ROSEMARY
David Geiger / LUTHER
Neil Lasky / CHARLES
Sharon McDonald / OLGA
Colette Ogle / GLORIA
Ron Reed / CLAUDE
Kathryn Roszak / BUFFIE
John Simpson / HERMAN
Jo Tomalin / ORIN


Gemma Whelan / DIRECTOR
Bob Crescione / SCENIC DESIGN
J. Fitzgerald Hall / LIGHTING DESIGN
Adam Liberman / SOUND DESIGN
Larry Le Paule / STAGE MANAGER